Since launching in 2014, we've given away over $200,000 to Kingdom work in 8 countries.

Current Project


We were planning to come alongside GO Ministries in November/December to be our last project of 2017. But Hurricane Irma changed that, and we are now raising money for GO Ministries in September/October.

GO partners with churches all over the island of Hispanola. These churches are led by pastors who are trained at the GO Seminary of the Americas. With this training church leaders are deployed all over the island -- in the Dominican Republic as well as Haiti, to lead in their communities in an intentional, incarnational way.


With Irma colliding with the DR and Haiti, much ministry needs to be done. Communities will be deeply impacted all over the island, and churches there lack the resources to adequately recover. The devastation that you've seen in Texas recently, and that you may see in Florida, is compounded in countries like these because they lack infrastructure, emergency services, and other aid organizations of their own.

That's where the church comes in. By partnering with GO Ministries, we can help the church in the DR and Haiti be the church. Just as we've seen in recent days in Texas, people can rally to help one another recover.

Your gift in September/October will do just that. Thanks for giving.


Completed Projects







  • $3500 to Shower to the People, a ministry serving the homeless population of Saint Louis, Missouri.
  • More than $10,000 to the Jared Odle Family, missionaries with Mission Resource International in Ghana Africa.
  • $10,000 to Global Frontier Mission, toward a town home purchase in the middle of a neighborhood where they work among refugees
  • $7500 to Help Kids Around the World, start-up costs for new organization
  • $7500 to GO Ministries to turn an old church building into a wood shop as their first Kingdom business
  • About $25,000 to Hope Impacts, allowing their Executive Director to serve them full time and begin plans to build a shower truck for homeless people in Katy, Texas
  • We also spent nearly $30,000 to pull off our first-ever medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic, sending 13 individuals from 3 states to care for nearly 600 people during their trip.


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